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How to Increase the Turn-Up Rate on Your Webinars & Increase Your Bottom Line.

You’ve done the hard work and you’ve got the people registered to attend your webinar, workshop, or masterclass. If you want to increase your bottom line, you want to make sure that the most possible amount of people turn up live to your webinars to see your presentation and attend your webinar.

7 Ways To Increase Your Webinar Turn Up Rate

webinar turn up rates email sequence

Email Nurture Sequence

You are promoting your webinar anywhere from 10 to 14 days out from the webinar date. You will need to ensure that you don’t wait and leave it until the day before to send an email saying it’s 24 hours until we start our webinar.

A good nurture email sequence should start upon registration sending emails every 2 days to start and every day leading up to the webinar providing tips and tricks that will help to prime them and prepare them for the webinar. Get registrants pumped up and excited to attend your webinar so it’s a priority in their schedule. 

webinar turn up rates calendar reminder

Calendar Event Reminder Tool 

Using an event calendar tool, like that allows registrants to add the webinar to their calendar of choice. 

Using a calendar tool will allow automatic reminders before your webinar, 24 hours beforehand, or 15 minutes, whatever, the ideal timeframe. Having your event added automatically to their calendar, they will be aware of it when they’re actually scheduling events and meetings in their calendar. 

Registrants will automatically have blocked out the time to attend the webinar. So it’s less likely that they actually have another appointment going on at the same time.

webinar turn up rates Facebook ads

Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads may have been used to get people to register for the webinar, but it’s a really great idea to have some Facebook ads running to support the nurturing process, just providing even more value and those turning up everywhere and providing more value.

When they’re seeing you everywhere they are more likely to want to turn up and attend this webinar. A nurture ad sequence is just as important when you have someone in your funnel as to attract people to your funnel.

Using Facebook & Instagram Ads as part of the nurture sequence is an important part of the process so they don’t just see ‘sign-up’ or ‘buy now’ ads.

webinar turn up rates social media

Active on Social Media 

Being super active on social media, especially Instagram stories & reels is super important to stay engaged with your audience. These channels are the best way to get in front of new followers due to the nature of the algorithm.

If a person is new to your world, it’s great to get in front of them as much as possible. Start creating behind the scenes content “I’m creating the workbook for the webinar” or “I’m putting the finishing touches on the presentation”, “does anybody have any questions?” and of course tell people to register for your workshop as a call to action so people who are not registered will have the opportunity to register.

Warm-up your audience and start asking questions that you can use in your presentation to actually address objections or to even provide more information about what people are actually looking for. Knowing more about your audience and what they need is the difference in getting the people off the fence to become a paying customer.

webinar turn up rates community

Invite Registrants to Your Online Community 

If you have a free online community such as a Facebook group, invite registrants to access your community where your tribe already are, the tribe who already know who you are, what you do, and they’re your biggest cheerleader.

Providing access to the people who already know, like, and trust you is the place where you want them to be. Start priming the pump, get them in there, and even if they do not purchase and become a customer from the webinar or masterclass they are in there and they are going to become your warm, and very hot audience and will purchase from you at a later time.

webinar turn up rates live bonus

Turn Up Live Bonus 

Give them a reason to turn up live to your webinar. Provide a valuable live bonus, something that is actually worth people’s time so even if they aren’t in a position to make a purchase they will have received something very valuable from you.

You want to make sure you’re not waiting until the webinar to let people know about this bonus. When you’re welcoming people to the webinar, you will remind them of the bonus and reinstate the value. This bonus is provided to people who stay on until the end of the live webinar.

Remind people about the live bonus in your nurture email sequence, ‘don’t forget you will receive this bonus if you turn up live’.

webinar turn up rates messenger bots

Messenger Bots

Messenger bots are a great way to interact with people and be able to send them push notifications to their devices. There are many ways to use messenger bots for your webinars.

Using messenger bots such as Manychat you can send a reminder to let people know that you’re going live via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp & SMS. These are push notifications so the user receives an alert on their device so they know you are live.

How to Get People to Subscribe for Notifications

  1. Use a messenger bot to collect the registration information right inside the bot. You can create a simple flow that allows people to register for your event and then you are able to send messages to these people reminding them about the event. 
  2. Have a messenger bot sign-up process on the thank you page. As part of the actions on the thank you page, ask them to register with your bot to receive reminders.
  3. Use email to get them subscribed to your bot and get webinar reminders. You can incentivize them to some exclusive bonus/freebie.

When someone has registered to attend your event, you can send a message reminding them about the event. For example, you can send a message 24 hours beforehand and saying, “Hey, don’t forget our webinar happens tomorrow at three o’clock”.  

You have the opportunity to also ask them if they have a question or ask them what is their biggest struggle and what they are looking to learn. 

These questions will allow you to have content prepared when it comes to the frequently asked questions, but more importantly, you can use the information to get them off the fence and address their issues

Bonus points for using messenger bots are that you can build in a post-webinar sales sequence and allow you to engage with people in their DMs and get them to convert.

webinar turn up rates number

Remember it all comes down to numbers! 

The success of your webinar comes down to math. The number of people who registered, the number who show up, and your live conversion rate. 

If you can increase your turn up rate, it’s going to increase your bottom line. For example, you sell a product worth $2000. You have 300 people turn up live and your conversion rate for your webinars is 3%. This means the revenue that you will generate is $18,000.

Let’s increase your turn-up rate to 500 people. Based on the same conditions you will earn an additional $12,000 and have a total revenue of $30,000.

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