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Messenger Marketing: The Future of Lead Generation

Start More Automated Conversations
in the DMs and Messaging Platforms

More Leads, Clients & Revenue

The #1 way to nurture your leads and prospects on the go

Messenger chatbots are the future of customer experiences, and we’re already seeing them in use by major companies and big names in the industry. 

Messenger chats allow customers to communicate with businesses 24/7 without having call or email expectations – it’s an instant connection that can help you gain more insight into what your clients need while also providing a better experience overall!

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Your Med Spa - Automated!

Increase your client bookings with Messenger Marketing

Chatbot Messenger Marketing is relatively new and you will find that other businesses similar to yours are not taking advantage of chatbots for their business.

Messenger chatbots are a value added resource that has over 80% open rate compared to email marketing which on the high end has 30% open rate.

Make booking appointments easy for your clients, chat to them at the stage of the client journey they are at (pre appointment, post appointment etc), on-time messaging for your client experience.


Meet Your Clients Where They Are

Your Ideal Client Is Already Using Facebook & Instagram Messenger So Why Not Make It Easy For Them To Book Directly Through The Messenger App.

Have you ever considered using a chat marketing or messenger to grow your med spa?

Chat bots are more than just a tool for marketing. They can be used as an entertaining and engaging way to help build relationships with customers, drive leads through their door or even increase the time they spend on your website by making it easier for them!

med spa reminders

Make Appointments

Your schedule fills up without your team having to answer the phone, reply to an email, or in-person reservation. Allow clients to request appointments easily.

med spa appointment reminder

Appointment Reminders

Set up a reminder for your clients. Let them know what to expect based on their booking. Have your clients ready and prepared when they arrive.

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Appointment Follow Up

The secret sauce of Google Ads. Show up in front of people who are in the market for what you offer. People who are searching for botox, therapists, spas, travel, facelift, online coach, you name it, Google knows it.

med spa get more reviews

More Reviews

Check in with clients automatically to see if they are happy with your services. When they are they will be prompted to provide testimonials, Facebook & Google Reviews.

automated follow up

Timely Follow Up Services

Send on-time promotions, follow up reminders for the client to book their appointment directly through messenger, sms or what’s app.

Direct Client Access 80%+ Open Rate

Message your clients where they already are! Send promotional offers direct to messenger. Answer their questions and concerns directly via message.

Provide an amazing customer experience that sets you apart from other businesses.

See Increased customer engagement, More efficient marketing that leads to More services booked by new and existing clients.

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Provide an amazing customer experience that sets you apart from other businesses.

Your clients will appreciate the convenience of chatbots. While you will appreciate the marketing automations and it's one less task for you to manage!

Google Has Access To A Wealth Of Information

Build Relationships With Your Clients & Prospects!

Chatting with your clients and answering any questions or concerns they have about a treatment automatically. 

How much do services cost, how long does the treatment take, do I need a follow up appointment, how much downtime is needed, what is availability like? 

All this and more without taking up you and your teams time!

Off course, if there is a question the bot can’t answer we will let you know and you/your team can address any questions!

What Messenger Bots Look like in Your Practice

Facebook and Instagram ads can be an amazing way to reach your ideal client, grow the business you’ve worked hard for.

Facebook ads med spa


Instead of having a human being answer every single question that comes up on your website, you could have an automated chat bot do it for you.

Facebook ads med spa


Use automation to generate leads in your Instagram direct messages. This is a awesome way of getting sales and engaging with potential customers!

Facebook ads med spa


You can now automatically respond to tags and mentions in Instagram Stories while also using lead generation calls to action that collect the prospects information.

instagram ads med spas


Engage with your followers after every single one of the many live streams that you have going on social media. You can use this opportunity to create a follow-up message for those who engaged in conversation during or after their event!

instagram ads med spas


You can use the comment tool to help send requested information and updates your followers on Instagram or Facebook. This can be used on both organic and paid posts/

instagram ads med spas


With facebook messenger, you can allow clients book services and ask questions. This is great for when they need some extra help or advice on the go!

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