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With Paid Traffic While Making Smart Decisions Based on Data!

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Messenger, Youtube, and Tiktok Ads for Medical Spas.

focus on building your clientele

You didn’t start your med spa to become a marketing manager for your business. You started your spa because you are passionate about what you do. And I are pretty sure your passion is not to spend your time sitting behind a desk creating advertising campaigns.

Imagine having your appointment schedule full. You can focus on your time ensuring that your clients receive an amazing experience at your clinic. Providing unparalleled experiences to your clients is what will make you stand apart from the competition. Increase client retention and generate free word of mouth marketing that you cannot buy.

Outsource Your Paid Traffic

So you can focus on building your business and provide top class service.

Customer Experience

Differentiating your med spa from your competitors comes down to the experience clients receive at your spa.


Ensuring your top talent has consistent schedules and repeat high valuable clients will result in low turnover.


Best In Class

Become known in the industry for being the best and setting the standard high. Your bottom line will love you for it.

Doing your own Ads is a TIME SUCK!!

Why spend hours each week trying to figure out what works, why your ad is not getting approved or why are you not seeing a return on ad spend?

Imagine the IMPACT your time could have on your spa when INVESTED correctly!  

how paid traffic can help your business

Should you invest in Google, Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram Ads for your med spa?


Paid Traffic is not for everyone.


Paid traffic works well for Med Spas when…

Expanding Your Business

You are expanding your current service offering, added new treatment rooms or new locations.

Opening A New Business

Your dreams of opening your own clinic are reality and you are now looking to build a client book! 

Move to Full-Time

Your awesome part-time staff members are now available to work more hours but you need more bookings.

Improve Service Areas

Make the most of current service offerings that are not currently optimized effectively to get your Return on Investment.

New Services/Equipment

You have invested in the latest technology or raining on new treatments and you are looking to attract new clients or service existing clients with new services.

Full Schedules

You have days or part of the day where you have open availability. You already have the team in place now you just need more clients.

your purpose

You are a rockstar med spa owner and know paid traffic can benefit your business but you’re hesitant to get started!

If you are hesitant about testing advertising on social channels and across the Interwebs for your business, you aren’t alone.

It is daunting!!

It’s my full time job just doing so, so I know the amount of time that goes into building successful campaigns and that is time you should be spending ensuring your clients experience is best in class. An experience that guarantees that they come back to your clinic, they tell your friends about your clinic and leave you awesome Google & Online reviews.

Together we will work to develop your purpose. To bring your purpose to life and see the results you are dreaming about for your clinic.

Going it alone may drive some results but outsourcing will empower you to take the wheel of your business and drive it in the right direction. After all, you are the one behind the wheel, where you go is up to you!


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